What is ChristianMingle app?

ChristianMingle is a dating service catered especially for single Christian men and women who are looking for long-term relationships and potential marriage partners.

How does ChristianMingle work?

To get started with ChristianMingle is very simple. The main reason is its audience. Most of the users on ChristianMingle are in their 30s to 40s, so most of them are not tech savvy. That’s why the registration is very simple.
To create ChristianMingle account, you need to enter your email and then upload your photos (at least one). Then you need to pick up a username and answer several questions (marital status, occupation, church affiliation, desire to have kids, etc.). Once it is done, your registration is finished, and you can start your search.

How much does ChristianMingle cost?

ChristianMingle offers the following subscription plans:

      • 1 month – $29.99
      • 3 months – $19.99 /per month

6 months – $14.99 / per month

How to delete ChristianMingle account?

If you want to delete your ChristianMingle account, follow the next steps:

  • Click on your Photo on your Profile Page;
  • Choose Account Settings;
  • Tap on your Profile Display Settings;
  • Choose Permanently Delete Profile;

Who uses ChristianMingle?

ChristianMingle is catered mainly for Christian singles. Anyone who is 18 y.o can join this service. Aside from heterosexual men and women, ChristianMingle accepts people from the LGBTQ community. The service doesn’t allow married couples who are looking for love affair or one-night stands.

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last updated January 10th 2020