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Since 2008, Facebook has been created, it helps people all over the world to stay in touch with their friends, family, relatives and business partners. But in May 2018, on the annual Developer Conference, they announced that they develop a new dating feature to help people also find a significant other.

Firstly, it was launched in Colombia, but now it has expanded to Canada and Thailand. Also, they added new options. Now it is possible to re-view people you’ve passed and put the service on pause if you are no longer looking to date.

Note! The Facebook dating release date in the U.S. still remains unknown.

According to the Facebook press release, your matches will be determined by common interests, mutual friends, events or groups both of you are involved in. This service is created to build real long-term relationships, not to promote one-night stands. Currently, this feature is available only on mobile devices and doesn’t require to download a separate app.

Only time will tell whether this Facebook Dating feature will substitute the offline dating or will stick among unserious intends and fake accounts like the most of dating apps do.

last updated January 10th 2020