mSpy App Review 2021 – Monitor All Kid’s Online Activities Without Fuss

mSpy Reviews – Monitor All Kid’s Online Activities Without Fuss
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Technology has integrated into our lives gradually. It is easier to run errands with the checklist in our smartphones, and it is so much comfortable to have your mobile phone remind you to buy milk on the way home. No businesses or enterprises can be imagined without software.

Even children can’t avoid the technology integration: the majority of kids already own smartphones or tablets and use such devices every day for educational and entertaining purposes. But, when adults can understand how to apply technology wisely, children need parental supervision while using tech.

Luckily, most of the parents use parental control app to monitor kid’s online activity. mSpy is one of such apps. We tested the mSpy app and prepared a short overview of this monitoring app. Check the mSpy review to discover whether it works for you.

What Is mSpy App?

mSpy is the powerful parental control software for both Android and iOS devices. mSpy provides insights into text messages, allows to track GPS location and capture key logs on the kid’s smartphone.

mSpy is compatible with both rooted and unrooted Android devices. Although, the functionality of the mSpy app is more advanced for rooted smartphones. So, if you want to use advanced features, it’s better to get your kid’s Android rooted.

The mSpy app runs perfectly on iOS 13+ and the latest. mSpy covers no-jailbreak subscription for iPhones monitoring, that’s why you don’t need to jailbreak your child’s iPhone to start controlling it with mSpy.

How Does mSpy Work?

mSpy tracks data on the mobile device of your child. It tracks text messages, device’s location and monitors social media use to present you with a detailed overview of your kid’s activities. Then mSpy transfers the collected information to your personal Control Panel.

To check the activity, you need to log in to your Panel. Here you will see the list of all the activities on the left. mSpy will store the logs in your Panel and update them from time to time. You can set an update interval on your own. Just click Device Management in your Panel and set the preferred interval.

What Features Does mSpy Have?

mSpy covers three subscription packages for efficient device monitoring. You can choose between Basic and Premium subscription for Android devices. For iPhone monitoring, there is No-jailbreak plan.

Here is the brief overview of mSpy most requested features:

How Do I Install mSpy?

To install mSpy, you need to purchase a subscription plan. Once you submit a payment, you will get a welcome letter with your login credentials to enter the site. Use the credentials to log in to your Control Panel.

Installation guidelines can be found in your Panel. Follow the guidelines to install the mSpy app on the target Android device of your kid.

For iPhone monitoring, no installation is required. You only need to provide your kid’s iCloud credentials and turn the iCloud backup on.

The mSpy software was designed strictly for parental control purposes. You can only use the mSpy software legally if:

  1. You plan to monitor your underage kid’s mobile phone usage;
  2. You plan to install the mSpy app on your device.

mSpy stresses on the fact that it is your responsibility to decide whether you have a right to monitor someone’s activity or not.

Best mSpy alternatives

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mSpy does include no-jailbreak plan, which makes iPhone monitoring possible. Look through the list of pros and cons of the mSpy app to decide whether it is the right choice for you:

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