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  1. What Is Device Tracker Plus App?
  2. How Does Device Tracker Plus Work?
  3. What Features Does It Have?
  4. How Do I Install Device Tracker Plus?
  5. Is It Legal To Use Device Tracker Plus?
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Smartphones have made our lives much painless than it was before. Now we can reach anyone instantly and talk to our beloved ones over the phone or write a quick message that will be immediately answered.  But what if the person doesn’t answer? When you call someone, and they are unable to pick up the phone, the thought that something might have happened to this person crosses your mind. Using GPS locating apps, you will never be worried about your beloved one again.  With a simple tracking tool, you can find out where your kid/partner/family member wanders. Check out this Device Tracker Plus review to find out how it works.

What Is Device Tracker Plus App?

Device Tracker Plus is the safety app, for those who care where their kids and significant others spend time. Initially, the service was started as a tracking app for parents. But then users started using Device Tracker Plus for various purposes such as locating their employees, tracking the location of their partners, etc. The Device Tracker Plus presents a mobile phone app, which is to be installed on your device and a web-based panel, where you can see the location of the people you’ve added. 

How Does Device Tracker Plus Work?

The Device Tracker Plus mobile app collects the locations of the target smartphone. As soon as you install the app on the mobile device you intend to track, it will start monitoring its current location and sending the data right to your account.  Your account is your personal space where all the data will be stored. If you want to locate a device now, you can do it right from your account. You can also add new devices and see their locations history too.

What Features Does It Have?

The feature set of Device Tracker Plus is limited. Although, sometimes less is more. So here is a brief overview of the Device Tracker Plus features. Locations 

  • Location History 

The app will keep the previously recorded locations for 30 days. So you can log in to your account and check out where the person has been on a certain date.

  • Locate Now 

Locate Now feature shows the last location the mobile phone was logged at. The precise position will be shown on Google Maps. You can choose the Street View to see where exactly the person is now.

  • Pins 

The Device Tracker Plus app pinpoints the device’s location on the map of your area. When you hover over any red pin, you can see the exact date and time when the device was logged there. The green pin identifies the last registered location of the smartphone. 

Other features

  • Device call 

The Device call feature helps you to retrieve the lost phone. If you enter the phone number of the lost device, the Device Tracker Plus will start calling it every hour to reach the person who may find it.

  • Device status 

Device Tracker Plus will inform you about the status of the lost device. Once you report that device is lost, the message with instructions on how to contact you and return the device will appear on the screen.

  • Toggle alarm

Toggle alarm feature helps you to find your mobile phone in case you’ve put it somewhere nearby. When you can find your phone, just log in to your account and click Toggle Alarm. The device will beep, and you’ll be able to understand where it is.

  • Data Recovery

Device Tracker Plus may help you to recover the valuable data stored on the lost/stolen phone. Whether it is an Android or iOS device, you can back-up the data and obtain access to your photos and files even if your mobile phone is lost forever.

How Do I Install Device Tracker Plus?

To start using the app, you need to purchase a subscription package. Enter your billing information and confirm the payment. Then you can install the device, the location of which you want to monitor.  Enter your account and go to the Tracking section. Here click Add a Device. You will see a simple 3 step guide, which will help you install and set up the application on the mobile phone. Enter the device name and proceed to installation. Follow the link that appears to download the app file and open it on the mobile phone. When the app asks to use your location, tap Always. Android users now should enter a unique PIN. For iOS device tracking you need to log in using the same credentials, you used to create your Device Tracker Plus account.  Once it is done, the app will start tracking the location. 

Subscribing to a Device Tracker Plus package, you confirm that you are at least 18 years old. Device Tracker Plus allows you to legally:

  • Track your lost or stolen mobile phone
  • To track your family member
  • To track devices that you own, but which are used by your employees 

Before installing the Device Tracker Plus on someone’s mobile phone, make sure to have prior permission of the owner of the device to do so.

Truth.Best Team Recommendations

Device Tracker Plus is a straightforward and effective GPS locator. If you want to make sure your beloved one is safe and sound or locate your own lost device, this app is an excellent choice for you.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Simple yet effective 
  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices
  • Doesn’t require rooting and jailbreaking


  • Limited feature set 
Quality vs. cost
User-friendly interface
Customer care team
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