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  1. What Is ExactSpy App?
  2. How Does ExactSpy Work?
  3. What Features Does ExactSpy Have?
  4. How Do I Install ExactSpy?
  5. Is It Legal To Use ExactSpy?
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We live in a society where everyone owns a mobile phone. We store our photos, snippets from our everyday life and dark secrets in our smartphones. And imagine how much you can find out just by examining the contents of someone device!

Although, some people will find spying on someone’s phone as a privacy violation, sometimes spying is necessary. When it comes to your family safety, it’s better to break some privacy limits than allow the worst to happen.

ExactSpy is created for handling online risks and dangers. The website seems trustworthy, but is it indeed? We have examined many ExactSpy reviews and come up with our opinion on this mobile spy. Read and find out all the pros and cons of the ExactSpy.

What Is ExactSpy App?

ExactSpy is the mobile spy app, which is to be installed on the device you want to monitor. It offers many features, which allow to find out what data is stored on someone’s smartphone.

How Does ExactSpy Work?

As any other spying tool, the ExactSpy app needs to be installed on the device to be monitored. Installation takes around 30 minutes. After installed on the target device, the spyware will upload the data to the online servers.

All the collected data and your settings are shown on the ExactSpy server. You can enter it anytime to review the activity logs and find out the latest location of the person you spy on.

You can send commands to control how the ExactSpy works on the target device. Commands allow to wipe phone data, stop applications and perform a backup.

What Features Does ExactSpy Have?

ExactSpy offers three subscription packages each with a different set of spying features. The pricing starts at $15.99 a month. Look through the list of features provided by ExactSpy:

  • Calls spy – ExactSpy allows viewing the list of both incoming and outgoing calls. Find out how much time does the person spend talking with friends with each call timestamps.
  • Text messages spy – You can discover what your partner texts other people by reading their text messages with ExactSpy. The spyware displays all the messages in your online account.
  • GPS location tracker – Follow someone’s location with the ExactSpy tracker. To get the precise location details, make sure the target device has an Internet connection.
  • Internet use spy – ExactSpy reflects the browsing history and all the searches of the user. So you can easily find out what does anyone uses the Internet for.
  • Apps and programs spy – You can access the list of the apps installed on someone’s device and find out which of them are used frequently. ExactSpy monitors how the person uses other applications.

How Do I Install ExactSpy?

Installation process differs on Android and iOS devices. To install the ExactSpy app on the Android, you want to monitor, follow the guidelines:

  • Prepare the device
    Installation includes ExactSpy apk file download. All the apps that are installed from another place except Play Market require special allowance. You need to enable installation from the unknown sources in the settings of the Android device. Then proceed to the actual installation of the ExactSpy app.
  • Download and install
    Follow the link provided by ExactSpy to download the app. Open it and install.
  • Set up the ExactSpy application
    Tap the app icon to open and register new device following the guidelines. After setup is done, hide the icon from the menu of the device to stay undetectable.

To use the ExactSpy for iPhone, you need to jailbreak it. Installation of the ExactSpy on iOS device includes only two steps:

    • Add source iphone.exactspy.com to Cydia
      Open the Cydia app and enter the iphone.exactspy.com right in the field provided. Then tap Add source. The app will start the verification of URL. Once it is verified, the ExactSpy app will be downloaded on the iOS device.
    • Install and set up ExactSpy
      Return to Cydia and tap ExactSpy to install the application. Open the app and link it with your ExactSpy account following the in-app tutorial.

It is important to note that jailbreak isn’t possible for the newest iOS software. Since ExactSpy doesn’t offer a no-jailbreak solution, this app isn’t adequate for iPhone monitoring.

It is legal to use ExactSpy to monitor the mobile phones of your children, your employees or any other smartphone that you own. If you intend to track another person’s device, you have to have prior consent to do it.

Truth.Best Team Recommendations

ExactSpy seems like an app, which has not been worked on properly. They lack information on their website, they didn’t upgrade their product and didn’t have a demo version. Still, some people use the ExactSpy app to control someone’s mobile devices.

Look through the list of pros and cons to decide whether the ExactSpy app works for you.

last updated January 10th 2020

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