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Getting lost in the sea of people and skyscrapers is easy these days. Though, with the help of modern-day technology, it is nearly impossible to lose track of your personal belongings and loved ones. The basis for the world today is heavily dependent on global positioning system (GPS) and location-based services.

Now, we are going to review one such app that is changing the world with its location-niche services and providing businesses and consumers with a secure way to track freights and people. Glympse is a powerful app that you need to stay up-to-date with everyone, and everything around you.  

What exactly is Glympse?

Conceived by a Redmond-based company, Glympse is a location sharing utility. Glympse is an easy yet efficient way to share your real-time location with your friends, family, and clients. It also provides a secure gateway for private sharing of your location. It offers many feats of GPS tracking using a single platform.

Furthermore, Glympse also offers services to businesses so they can cover the gap of communication between business and consumer. It is astounding to see how much you can do with a single app that uses GPS tracking. We are growing more impatient per day due to our fast-paced lives and need information in seconds. The Glympse app does exactly that by providing you with real-time location information.

How does the Glympse function?

Glympse uses GPS to share your location. It sends a link to the person you want to share your location with so they can view your real-time position. All they need is a browser and a data connection. Most of the people might implore: how do I turn off Glympse after starting it? Well, no need to worry, go to the menu, tap settings, then tap the location, and tap the Enable Auto-Glympse switch to turn it off.

Availability of Glympse

Glympse is a platform providing location-based services. Therefore, you can use Glympse to share your location worldwide. Glympse for auto is also available that shares your car’s location while you are driving. You just need Glympse app on your phone and a data network. The viewer needs a browser to view your location.

How many languages does Glympse app support?

As stated above, Glympse is available internationally. So, when you have installed the app, read Glympse app instructions. As Glympse is available in many languages, such as Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish. Choose your desired language and start the app.

On what platforms and devices can you use Glympse on?

You can download Glympse as it is available for smartphones having Android version 4.0 or later, iOS version 8.0 or later, Blackberry and Windows Phones. You can share your location through messages. Verizon Glympse enables to share location through Verizon messages.

Is there a way to delete Glympse account from Android?

It is easy to delete Glympse account, just open the app, go to settings, then in about Glympse, and select the delete account and it will remove your Glympse bio from the servers. 

How can I delete the Glympse account on iPhone?

Now you know about how to delete the account in Android phones in this Glympse review, for iOS users it as same as for Android users. Just open the Glympse app, go to the settings and select the about and then delete account option, it will remove your info from the Glympse servers.  

Can you send a Glympse using WhatsApp or other third-party apps?

Sending a Glympse using a third-party app (e.g., WhatsApp, Skype, GroupMe, Google, Voice) is simple for both Glympse Android users and Glympse iOS users, open the Glympse app from the main Glympse menu tap on Share Location, then Select Recipients, and scroll down to Share via other apps. You can then select apps from the list.

Closing or exiting the Glympse app

Once you open the Glympse app, and cannot figure out a way to exit it. Fret not; it is a minuscule task, just tap the menu and select exit Glympse. And to terminate the Background process in iOS just double-tap the home button and scroll sideways to find the preview of Glympse screen and flick the preview upwards.

Joining a Glympse Tag on a Blackberry and Windows Phone

The Glympse Android and Glympse iPhone users have a built-in feature for joining and viewing tags. As far as to join a tag using Glympse on a Windows Phone or Blackberry device, simply create a Glympse and send to ‘tag name’@glympsegroups.com, where ‘tag name’ is the designation of the tag you want to join.

Sending a Glympse from the Tasker?

You know you can use third-party apps to send a Glympse. If you do not want to use an app like Glympse Verizon messages then you can directly send a Glympse from within the Tasker. Use the following path on writing a task:

Action > Net > Browse URL > glympse:src=sample&[email protected]&dur_mins=5&msg_text=Test

Is Glympse helpful in recovering lost phones?

Although Glympse uses and provides location services, it cannot help you locate your lost phone. The developers designed Glympse in such a way that only the user can activate their location. However, some users may wonder how did Glympse get on my phone.

You should know that a trusted user or device can install Glympse on your phone remotely. Yet, it is not possible to activate Glympse location services remotely. As it is, you may have Glympse on your lost phone, but it will not help you to initiate the location sharing services remotely to find it. 

Who has the permission to view your real-time location?

The users trust Glympse com because of the privacy it provides. When you choose to share your location with someone through Glympse, only that person can see your location and that too for the time that you allow. You have total control over who and when can someone see your location. If you wish to share your location on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, be sure to recheck your privacy settings before sharing your real-time location. 

Is it essential to have the app to view a Glympse?

Many people have confusions relating how to use Glympse, but it is quite simple. In case someone sends you a Glympse, you do not have to download the app to use it. That’s the beauty of it; you can use any device with a browser and a working internet connection to view the Glympse (i.e., the real-time location of the sender).  

How to Change the Language in Glympse: Android

It is very easy to change the language in Android phones. Just open the Glympse app, then open the menu, select Settings, and you will see the option of language where you can change the language to your desired preference.

How to Change the Language in Glympse: iOS

The iOS users might be wondering, what is Glympse instructions to change the language on iOS devices? Well, just like in Android phones, open the Glympse app on your iOS phone, then open the menu and select settings, then select language options to change the language to your desired preference.

How long does a Glympse last for?

The basic functionality of Glympse is to provide a real-time location for a temporary period. Because of this, and other security concerns, you can share a Glympse for a maximum of 12 hours at once. However, if you may choose to extend it further, you can do that at any given time for another 12 hours. This way, you can share it as long as you want.  

What is the refresh rate of a Glympse?

Glympse is the market leader in the location-based services due to how it works ingeniously for optimum performance and accuracy. So how does Glympse work? When you share your location with Glympse, it updates your location every 5 to 10 seconds so it can provide accurate real-time activity. 

The refresh rate can vary on the network connection and battery percentage. Glympse also starts updating the location to the latest position when a recipient begins viewing your Glympse.

What happens after a Glympse expires?

Glympse is a powerful tool to share your location with people you trust. The Glympse is only visible to the person with whom you have shared it with. However, the last shared Glympse location after it has expired remains visible for 48 hours. Glympse is a location sharing application, and you cannot use Glympse as a cell phone tracker

Do you need a social media sign up for Glympse?

Most of the apps need Facebook or Twitter sign in to open the app. So, regarding Glympse, the users might want to know what is Glympse on android? Does it require any sign in with Facebook or Twitter? Well, Glympse app does not need any sign in with any social account to use the application. However, you will need to link your social media accounts with the Glympse app in order to share a Glympse on social media platforms. 

Why is it not showing older trails?

The Glympse Android app shares your real-time location for a period of time, and it revokes the trail older than 10 minutes. Due to privacy, the viewers who are sharing your Glympse location cannot see trails older than ten minutes; Glympse expires the trail for them.

What are the different colors of Glympse arrows?

You might want to know what is Glympse app arrows, arrows which indicate the person you are viewing and the color of the arrow which sometimes may be green (i.e., someone else’s active Glympse), blue (i.e., your own Glympse), or grey (i.e., expired Glympse). 

Do you need a data plan and how much data it uses?

Glympse needs a data connection for it to share your location. Although, People using Glympse watched Roadkill Glympse GPS tracking map and followed them live via Glympse link as Glympse uses a minimum amount of data. As low as 1 MB per hour of your data plan.

Running Glympse simultaneously on different devices with the same Apple ID?

You can use Glympse on two devices having the same Apple ID. You don’t have to worry about how to block Glympse on that device. If you are having trouble using backup, simply delete and reinstall the Glympse app.

Does it support iPad and iPod?

Glympse works on both the iPad and iPod. But Glympse wiki shows that as these devices do not have carrier sims, so they do not support to send or receive text messages. However, it may use an RCS messaging app like Messenger via a wireless network.

How can Glympse earn money if it is free?

Glympse makes money either by providing Glympse Customer APIs or Glympse for Business. Brands use these services and integrate them into their products. When you download Glympse for iPhone as a customer is free, and you will also get many discounts on different things. 

Blocking Glympse?

Google Glympse if you want to install the Glympse app. Nevertheless, if you want to block Glympse so that it may not use your location, you can simply revoke its permission to use your location services. In Android, you can do this by opening the device’s system settings, tap apps, go over to the Glympse app, and deny it the permission for the location. On iOS devices, open the system settings, scroll down to find Glympse, open it, and toggle off the permissions for location. 

How to use Glympse on android?

The Glympse application for Android is quite easy to use. Once you complete the installation and set-up process, the rest is a laid-back task. There are plenty of ways to share your location via the Glympse app. The first way is that you can long-press the Glympse app icon on the app tray, and it will show shortcut actions from which you can choose to share or request a location.

Secondly, you can open the Glympse app and open the menu from the top right-hand side. You may then select an option from there. Another way is that when you open the app, you will see the Glympse logo in the lower-left corner; you can click this logo to send a Glympse.

Similarly, you can select to share your Glympse with multiple social messaging apps. Once you finish, you can easily turn off Glympse by exiting the app from the top-right menu.      

How to use Glympse iPhone?

The Glympse app for iPhone is much like the Android app with a few changes here and there. The significant differences are the permissions for the application that you will have to allow from the settings like access to location and contacts. To send a Glympse, open the app and select the sliding menu from the left side. On the menu, select share location, and tap on the ‘+’ icon to add recipients. You can also send a Glympse en route to a destination by adding the destination in the configuration screen.

How to disable Glympse?

You can disable Glympse message notifications from the notification settings on both Android and iOS. However, to disable the Glympse app, there are different methods on different Operating Systems. On Android, open device’s settings, go to apps, open Glympse from there, and press the ‘Disable’ button. On iOS, open device’s settings app, search for ‘Restrictions’, enter your passcode and proceed to Glympse app and disable it from the toggle button. 

How to stop Glympse?

If you want to stop sharing a Glympse in a private group, it is effortless to do so. Simply open the private group, and you will the see blue location blip blinking (meaning that it is sharing your live location), click on the beacon on the upper-right corner of the screen. It will open a page with details about the group; you can choose the stop sharing location option from there. People often accidentally share Glympse with someone who does not know what is a Glympse message, and it is quite easy to stop Glympse location from your phone.

How to send Glympse?

As stated above, what you need to do is open the app and share your location from the menu. When people put Glympse vs Life360, they find Glympse to be the more natural to use.

How much does Glympse cost?

Glympse is free of cost. However, Glympse uses data, and the data charges depend upon your plan and carrier. Though it estimates to use 1 MB of data per hour, the original usage of data varies and depends on many factors. It is the same for if you are using Glympse for PC, as it will depend on your carrier and data plan. 

How accurate is Glympse?

Glympse is the forerunner in the mobile global position system and location apps. It is impartially accurate and can show your location up to 10 yards or less depending on electronic and environmental factors. Sometimes, weak signals, unpleasant weather, buildings, and power cables may cause to Glympse not working properly.

How to change Glympse settings?

After Glympse download, you may need to change the configuration settings of Glympse. You can do this in Android by opening system settings, going to apps, and selecting Glympse. You should allow the required permissions from there, especially the location. Furthermore, go to device maintenance in settings and add Glympse to unmonitored apps. On iPhones, open Settings, and scroll down to find Glympse, open the settings and allow permissions. 

How to refresh Glympse?

You can refresh Glympse and Glympse Express by exiting the app and opening it again or by simply checking if your location services are enabled. You can also refresh it by pressing the update location in the app. Some users face issues with Glympse, not sharing their current location. Bear in mind that this may be because your phone is on a CDMA carrier. CDMA connections do not allow data while you are making a call, so it will not update your location while you are on a call.

How to trick Glympse? / How to hack Glympse?

*Disclaimer: This Glympse app review provides answers to questions asked by users and states information for knowledge and awareness only. We advise against the use of tricks and hacks and condemn them*

That said, tricking Glympse is possible and quite easy on Android phones. As Glympse relies on your phone’s location services, it is easy to use any GPS spoofing app to feed false location information to Glympse and other similar location-based applications. However, it is harder to hack/trick Glympse iOS as it requires a lot of work.

How to spell a glimpse?

Glympse is a play on the English word Glimpse, which means to look or provide with a brief insight into something. In this case, a brief glimpse of your real-time location. It is spelled with a ‘y’ instead of an ‘i’. Now, we hope that Glympse app download will be more accessible for you as you know how to spell it.

How to find Glympse?

Glympse is relatively easy to find and download. You can find Glympse on your phone’s app store. All the major mobile Operating Systems (Android, iOS, Windows, and BlackBerry) support Glympse. There is also the Glympse Auto app and the Glympse API for developers. It is a mesmerizing multi-platform app that won’t let you down.


Glympse is indeed a very precise, secure, and versatile application. We hope this detailed review of the Glympse app answers all your questions. If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us and ask.

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All in all, Glympse is a great app. Install it to keep in touch with your beloved ones the safe way.

last updated January 10th 2020

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