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  1. What Is MaxxSpy App?
  2. How Does MaxxSpy Work?
  3. What Features Does MaxxSpy Have?
  4. How Do I Install MaxxSpy?
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Technology surrounds children everywhere. They play video games at home, use tablets and laptops at school and chat with friends using their Android and iOS devices. Children obtain their first smartphones at a very young age. It is easy to stay in touch with the kid if they have own cell phone.

But, with the numerous benefits of mobile phones, they also pose risks for the kids. Unsupervised online activity may result in misuse of the Internet. That’s why parental control is the tool necessary for any parent.

Read the MaxxSpy app review from Truth.Best to discover whether it is the right parental control for you.

What Is MaxxSpy App?

MaxxSpy is the background mobile phone app, which records online activities. MaxxSpy can monitor call history, contacts list, browser and apps use history. With the in-built location tracker, you can follow someone’s route in real time.

The app starts working once installed on the device you want to monitor. MaxxSpy is compatible with Android devices and jailbroken iPhones. Keep reading to find out how the app works on the target device.

How Does MaxxSpy Work?

MaxxSpy is the mobile phone app, which means you need to install and set up it on the mobile phone you plan to monitor. MaxxSpy is the third-party application. You can’t find it on App Store or Google Play. To start using the MaxxSpy, you need to download the MaxxSpy apk file from their website after you purchase the plan.

For iPhones, you need to install the app from Cydia. After installation, both for Android and iPhone smartphones, enter your Online Control Panel to customize the app settings. You can also view the activity logs in your Control Panel. MaxxSpy renews the records regularly.

Note that to synchronize activity, MaxxSpy requires an Internet connection. Make sure the target device has mobile data or can connect to Wi-Fi.

What Features Does MaxxSpy Have?

  • Call recordings – MaxxSpy records the incoming and outgoing calls and uploads the recordings to the user’s Control Panel. Once logged in to your Panel, you can listen to all user’s conversations.
  • Text messages spy – With MaxxSpy you can view all the sent and received text messages. Check the interactions between users right from your Control Panel.
  • WhatsApp conversations tracker – MaxxSpy allows you to check the user’s WhatsApp chat history. You can find out who someone communicates with and what things do they share. Note that WhatsApp monitoring is available on the non-rooted Android, while other IM’s tracking requires root.
  • Apps usage recordings – App usage statistics can tell you what things users prefer doing online whether it is finding dates, playing games or chatting. MaxxSpy allows you to view the list of installed apps and figure out how much time someone spends using each app.
  • Multimedia monitoring – MaxxSpy collects photos captured by target device camera. The photos will be reflected in your Panel. You can check the timestamps of each picture and download the images to your computer.

How Do I Install MaxxSpy?

Here are some brief explanations on how to install the MaxxSpy on the Android and iOS devices.

  • If target device is Android – Go to Settings of the device to allow installation from the unknown sources. Also turn off scanning for security threats. Then proceed to download the app. Open your browser, insert the download link and wait till installation screen appear.Then register your account or log in if you already have one.
  • If target device is iPhone – Open Cydia and find MaxxSpy. Tap install and wait till installation is completed. Then go to springboard, find and tap MaxxSpy icon. Register your account or log in. Hide MaxxSpy to complete the process.

How can I tell if MaxxSpy is installed on my phone? Dial #777* to launch the MaxxSpy app.

To monitor someone’s device with the MaxxSpy app, written consent is needed. The person you want to track must be informed about your decision and agree to install MaxxSpy on own device.

If you want to monitor your kid’s online activities, you also need to inform your child about your decision. If you intend to track your employees, you can legally install the MaxxSpy app only on the company-owned devices.

Truth.Best Team Recommendations

MaxxSpy covers basic monitoring features that allow you to get insights into someone’s cell phone activity. MaxxSpy is not a free app. To start using the app, you need to choose your subscription plan.

For one month use of MaxxSpy, you will need to pay $29.99. If you want to opt for a longer subscription, opt for the six-month plan, which will cost you $89.99.

You may be wondering: is the MaxxSpy worth the money? Look through the pros and cons list to decide whether MaxxSpy is the tool for you.

last updated January 10th 2020

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