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  1. Detailed Review of MMGuardian and your major concerns answered
  2. MMGuardian: how can you bypass it?
  3. How do MMGuardian works?
  4. How can you hack MMGuardian?
  5. Everything you need to recognize about working of MMGuardian?
  6. How can you uninstall MMGuardian?
  7. How can you bypass MMGuardian on Android devices?
  8. Is it possible for you to delete MMGuardian without knowing the password?
  9. How can you unlock MMGuardian?
  10. Can you uninstall MMGuardian without password?
  11. How can you delete MMGuardian from any device?
  12. Can you unlock MMGuardian without password?
  13. How can you use MMGuardian?
  14. How can you cancel your subscription of MMGuardian?
  15. Is it possible to hack the MMGuardian password?
  16. How much does MMGuardian cost?
  17. How can you install MMGuardian?
  18. How can you remove MMGuardian from your device?
  19. How to install MMGuardian on iPhone?
  20. Can you bypass MMGuardian on iPhone?
  21. How can you block Goguardian?
  22. Is snapchat monitoring possible with MMGuardian?
  23. Which apps can you see through MMGuardian?
  24. What does MMGuardian do?
  25. What can you see with MMGuardian?
  26. What is exactly MMGuardian app?
  27. What can you do with the MMGuardian app?
  28. Truth.Best Team Recommendations

The majority of the world is online due to the current wave of globalization. In this wave, the prime concern of every parent is the protection of their kids from online threats. The top way to do so is by installing some sort of parental protective software on your child’s phone. 

MMGuardian is such a trustworthy protective parental control software that works on both Android and iOS devices. With this software, you can easily monitor and control your child’s everyday phone usage. Many features of MMGuardian will help you in monitoring your child’s phone usage. Features such as image alerts, web filtering, location tracker, app lock, etc. make MMGuardian the top choice among parents. 

Moreover, with its comprehensive reports feature for you, it will notify you about your child’s weekly phone usage. This report is usually in the form of a graphic report containing graphs and charts. In addition, the safety features like image alert will let you know in case someone sends any inappropriate MMS to your child. And, through web filtering feature, you can quickly put filters on websites that may contain porn or adult content.

However, the basic concern in parents while choosing any parental control software is how they can be sure it will protect their children? MMGuardian is a software that is widely used by parents across the globe and has an average rating of 4.4. Therefore, if you are opting for MMGuardian, you can do so without any concerns because MMGuardian tries its best to protect your child from any potential harm.

Detailed Review of MMGuardian and your major concerns answered

The purpose of this review is to reply to any and all queries there are about MMGuardian among the users. What makes this review different than other reviews is the fact that this will speculate all the concerns regarding MMGuardian, its protection, and all other things. In order to satisfy your queries, we are going to answer some of the most frequently asked questions, and they are:

MMGuardian: how can you bypass it?

The primary concern of every parent is that is it possible for their child to bypass parental control software. Indeed, there are specific ways using which your child can bypass parental control software, such as using a proxy server or by changing the password.

Sometimes using different Wi-Fi networks or VPNs can also allow your kid to bypass parental monitoring app. However, in order to overcome this problem, MMGuardian has a feature as safe mode lock that adds a supplementary layer of protection in case your child is trying to bypass it. So, by installing MMGuardian, you can relax a bit because it will not be easy for your kid to bypass it.

How do MMGuardian works?

The process of installing MMGuardian is quite simple, and once you have set it up in your target device, it will start monitoring. After installing MMGuardian in your child’s device, you need to login in it using your official MMGuardian account.

After logging in the MMGuardian, the parental monitoring software will start monitoring your child’s phone usage. You can always view this activity on the MMGuardian website with your personal account. According to different MMGuardian review, it is good to say that as compared to other parental apps, MMGuardian is quite easy to install and operate.

How can you hack MMGuardian?

Is it possible for your kids to hack MMGuardian? MMGuardian reviews suggest that hacking MMGuardian parental control app is quite tricky. However, there are many online websites that can allow your child to hack the MMGuardian installed in their devices.

Therefore, the best way to prevent your kids from hacking their MMGuardian is by using robust web filtering for their browsers. Because, no matter in what form you try, your kids can always find a way around, so its best to monitor their web search history.

Everything you need to recognize about working of MMGuardian?

In order to start monitoring your kid’s device using MMGuardian, all you need to do is to install it. Once you install it all you have to do is to log in using your personal MMGuardian login and setup the monitoring settings.

Once you have set up the parameters, MMGuardian will start monitoring your child’s device. It is quite easy to view your child’s phone activity; all you need to do is to use your MMGuardian login to access your account. Once you start monitoring your child’s phone, you can easily manage their time limits, apps, messages, etc.

How can you uninstall MMGuardian?

Uninstalling MMGuardian is quite easy if you are the parent, but for your child, it’s not an easy task. In order to uninstall MMGuardian, you have to provide your MMGuardian login because MMGuardian now comes with uninstalling protection. You must be wondering how to bypass MMGuardian?

But after the update in protection, it’s not easy for your kids to bypass MMGuardian now. However, if you want to uninstall MMGuardian from any device, you need to disable the uninstall protection first of all and then just simply uninstall it like any other app. But if you don’t have the password uninstalling MMGuardian won’t be easy.

How can you bypass MMGuardian on Android devices?

MMGuardian parent app comes with a safe mode lock that preventing every sort of bypassing activity by providing an extra layer of protection. However, even with safe mode lock, there are ways using which your kid can try to bypass the MMGuardian parent app.

Using Wi-Fi other than home network or VPNs or Proxy servers can allow your child to bypass MMGuardian. Therefore, in order to avert your child from avoiding the parental control app is by putting up higher web filtering. This way, they’ll not be able to access suspicious websites that can help your kids in bypassing their parental monitoring apps.

Is it possible for you to delete MMGuardian without knowing the password?

With the new uninstall protection feature in the MMGuardian app, it has become very difficult to remove this app from any device without using the password. Because of this new feature, MMGuardian has become the topmost favorite among the parents.

Therefore, with the MMGuardian app, you can stay tension free regarding your kid’s safety as no individual other than you will be able to disable or uninstall it. Even after knowing the password uninstalling MMGuardian isn’t easy after the new uninstall protection feature. However, in order to delete MMGuardian from any device, you will need to login into your personal parent MMGuardian account.

How can you unlock MMGuardian?

You can use SMS commands to operate MMGuardian on your child’s device. You can easily control the locking and unlocking of your child’s phone too. Being a parent, you can easily lock and unlock your child’s phone through SMS commands.

The complete guidelines for using SMS commands are available on MMGuardian parent portal where all MMGuardian problems or queries are answered. Due to these specified locking and unlocking feature, it becomes impossible for your child to unlock MMGuardian on his phone. Moreover, all the commands that you send via your MMGuardian parental control account are invisible in your child’s phone.

Can you uninstall MMGuardian without password?

With the addition of the latest uninstall protection feature in the MMGuardian app, it is very difficult to uninstall it. Therefore, if you are speculating how to get rid of MMGuardian or how to uninstall MMGuardian?

You need to know the password first. Due to the uninstall protection feature, it is not possible for your child or even you to uninstall MMGuardian for any device. With this enhanced protection, you can be at peace, knowing that your children are in safe protection.

However, if you fail to recall your password, you can always contact the MMGuardian customer service phone number to reset your MMGuardian forgot password. Alternatively, you can always use MMGuardian parent control apk to do your MMGuardian password reset.

How can you delete MMGuardian from any device?

In order to delete MMGuardian from any device, first of all, you need to disable the uninstall protection feature. After disabling the uninstall protection feature, you can easily uninstall MMGuardian, and once you uninstall it, you can easily delete it from the settings. If you are still confused about how to delete MMGuardian, then simply follow these steps. Firstly, open after uninstalling open your phone’s settings. Then in applications or apps section look for MMGuardian and delete it.

Can you unlock MMGuardian without password?

Unlocking MMGuardian without a password is not possible because MMGuardian controls even the screen lock on your child’s device. Therefore, MMGuardian bypass or unlocking MMGuardian without a password isn’t possible. However, if someone tries to unlock MMGuardian without knowing the correct password, then the screen lock gets changed to MMGuardian parent web portal account password. This way, only you will be able to unlock your kid’s device once it gets locked.

How can you use MMGuardian?

There are incalculable ways in which you can use MMGuardian because it is the best parental control app available. As per the MMGuardian reviews 2017, the majority of the parents recommended it. With MMGuardian coupon code 2016, many parents enjoyed free services.

Once you install MMGuardian, we recommend that you read how to get around MMGuardian guide. This way, you will be able to correctly understand the features and functions of MMGuardian app for iPhone or Android.

How can you cancel your subscription of MMGuardian?

In order to cancel your MMGuardian subscriptions, you need to follow the specified procedure for your device. In case of an iPhone, you need to cancel your subscription from the Apple’s iTunes account working on the device in use.

You can unsubscribe MMGuardian for iPhone by following the before  mentioned procedure. However, in the case of androids, you can simply cancel your subscriptions from the MMGuardian parent portal. In an instance of any confusion, you can always consult the MMGuardian parent web portal.

Is it possible to hack the MMGuardian password?

Hacking any password on the MMGuardian app isn’t possible due to the high security of MMGuardian. However, there are certain apps available on the internet that claim they can help you crack any password but using such apps is way too risky.

Therefore, we always suggest never to use such fake third-party apps because they contain malware which can harm your phone’s data. So, never risk on unknown apps just in order to get MMGuardian hack.

How much does MMGuardian cost?

MMGuardian is free of cost parental control software. However, if you want to get schedule tracking, you will require a premium subscription. The MMGuardian cost is $2.99 per month, or you can go for the annual pack for $24.99 per annum. Or you can also go for a lifetime license for $39.99. Moreover, there are many MMGuardian coupon code using which you can get great discounts.

How can you install MMGuardian?

Installing and setting up MMGuardian in any device is quite easy. First of all, you need to install MMGuardian on the parent’s device and later on the target device. 

After installing, you have to login into your MMGuardian personal account in order to start monitoring the targeted phone. Once you login MMGuardian starts monitoring and reporting every activity on that device. You can always view these reports in your personal account at the MMGuardian web portal.

Moreover, if you find any issues with your app, you can always go for MMGuardian troubleshooting. It is an effective way of refreshing your app.

How can you remove MMGuardian from your device?

If you are contemplating on how to uninstall MMGuardian, then this will help you. Uninstalling or removing MMGuardian from your device is possible if you know the password of your personal MMGuardian account.

On the device where you want to uninstall MMGuardian just simply disable the uninstall protection feature and after that simply uninstall it. Once you have uninstalled MMGuardian, you can remove it from your device by going to your application settings.

How to install MMGuardian on iPhone?

Setting up MMGuardian on iPhone is quite easy. Just like installing it on an Android first of all you need to install it on the parent’s phone and then set up the MMGuardian parent portal account. After doing it simply install the MMGuardian app in your child’s iPhone. 

Anyway, if you need further help in installing MMGuardian, you can always call at MMGuardian customer service phone number. After setting up the MMGuardian app in your child’s iPhone, you can easily control and monitor all of your child’s phone activities.

Can you bypass MMGuardian on iPhone?

When compared with Android bypassing any secure network on iPhone is harder because on iOS third-party software doesn’t run. So, if you have MMGuardian app for iPhone installed in your kid’s device, then you can be at ease because it isn’t easy for your kid to bypass it.

However, we recommend that you should keep a check on your child’s search history to see if they searched for how to bypass MMGuardian on phone. If you find such results in your kid’s device tighten their web filtering to block any third-party software that can run on their device. By doing so, you can be 99% sure that your child won’t be able to bypass MMGuardian.

How can you block Goguardian?

Goguardian is the software used by schools to protect their students from inappropriate online stuff. However, many kids are discovering ways using which they block their school’s Goguardian.

If you can sign in to the admin.google.com, you can bypass goguardian for your chrome. Moreover, if you are using incognito mode, goguardian gets disabled, but in many school systems, they disable the incognito mode for chrome so that students cannot bypass goguardian.

Is snapchat monitoring possible with MMGuardian?

Yes, with MMGuardian’s app control feature, you can monitor and manage all apps present in your child’s phone. With MMGuardian parents are able to thoroughly check, read, monitor, and manage your child’s snapchat chats.

This way, parents can quickly know if their children are doing sexting or not. Other than Snapchat, you can also monitor and manage different social media apps like Facebook Messenger, Line, Instagram as well.

Which apps can you see through MMGuardian?

With MMGuardian, you can monitor and see everything on your child’s device. All the apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Line, Twitter, etc. you can see through MMGuardian. Moreover, with the image alert feature, you can monitor every picture that your child receives, and if it contains inappropriate content, it will get blocked.

What does MMGuardian do?

MMGuardian is a parental monitoring tool that allows parents to keep an eye on their kid’s phone usage and online activities. With MMGuardian, you can ensure that your kids are not becoming victim to any sort of online harassment.

Moreover, MMGuardian also enables you to track your kid’s real-time location so you can always be aware of where your child is. Another plus point of using MMGuardian is that MMGuardian bypass is almost impossible due to its advanced features, so you be at peace that your kids are safe and well protected.

What can you see with MMGuardian?

Once you install MMGuardian on your kid’s device, you will be able to monitor and see all of their phone activities. MMGuardian allows you to see every app, image, text, call records, etc. on your kid’s device. For further queries like what is MMGuardian or MMGuardian problems? We advise you to visit the MMGuardian portal or MMGuardian web portal, as they will be able to provide you with satisfactory answers.

What is exactly MMGuardian app?

MMGuardian is a parental control app that is well suited for monitoring kids of all ages. You can monitor everyone at the same time using the MMGuardian app. Let it be your teenage son who texts while driving or your tween daughter who is crazy for snapchat, or someone who’s a victim of cyberbullying. With MMGuardian help, you can ensure the safety of your kids from online predators.

What can you do with the MMGuardian app?

MMGuardian is one of those parental monitoring apps that allows you to perform a wide range of functions from a single app. Whether it is looking after your teenage son, who has a habit of texting while driving or keeping an eye on your tween daughter, with MMGuardian, you can do this all from your one personal account.

Due to its multipurpose nature, it has become one of the most downloaded parental control apps on the Play Store with a rating of 4.4. The prime reason for developing MMGuardian was to monitor the online activities of children. The developers being parents themselves were quite concerned about the online safety of their children, and because of that, they developed this fantastic parental monitoring app.

Truth.Best Team Recommendations

In spite of a huge number of features that are common for all parental control software, MMGuardian app differs from them due to its reliability & great blocking opportunities. While a wide range of spy apps offer GPS tracking & SMS text monitoring options, this app provides its user with sophisticated control of their children. If you are a parent, you realize how difficult it’s to protect your child from inappropriate contacts, harmful content, and hacking attacks. This is one of the most difficult problems of our time that is solved by using MMGuardian app. Due to its functions, you can block everything you want on the device of your child in several taps.

Truth.Best team recommends installing MMGuardian app and following next tips in order to provide your child with high-level full-fledged protection:

  • Block applications, including WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and PlayStore

In order to prevent excessive use of social networks and chats during school time, use this option.

  • Set time limits to restrict the time of the use

An owner of the application can block using the device in a determined time.

  • Block harmful content and websites

Due to Filter function, you can find and block inappropriate websites. If you want to prevent your child from visiting abusing websites, you need to set specific limitations in a web browser.

  • View web browsing history

You can look through all the content that your child prefers viewing.

  • Bock keywords

Setting a block for special keywords and key phrases, you can block all the message.

  • Control incoming/outgoing phone calls

This option allows controlling and blocking inappropriate phone calls.

  • GPS location tracking

This is a typical function for parental control software providing you with an ability to be aware of that where your child goes.

last updated January 10th 2020

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