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  1. What is Free Mobile Tracker app?
  2. How does Mobile Tracker Free work?
  3. What features does free mobile tracker have?
  4. How do I install mobile tracker free?
  5. Is it legal to use free mobile tracker?
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Sometimes, we need to track our children or other relatives in order to protect them from different harmful or inappropriate content, chattings, meetings, and other items. In our incredibly unpredictable time overloaded with different types of information not always intended to child’s mind, our children and teenagers need in protection more than ever. Sometimes, we need to track our employees to be confident in their faithfulness or to optimize their work. Let’s find out, how we can protect our children from potential danger or track our employees in the contemporary world.

What is Free Mobile Tracker app?

If you have decided to keep up with all the activities, conversations and meetings, that your child or employee performs, you can use free mobile tracker. This is software that will help you to protect your child or teenager from harmful content and connections. In terms of its compatibility with a different OS, you can use free mobile tracker app whether it’s iOS or Android Device.

This software provides you with an opportunity to track locations, communication via SMS and other messengers, calls, using apps, browsing websites, etc. on the smartphone of another user. Mobile tracker free is a real catch for those people who care about their children and want to provide them with high-level security for free or get new information about their employees that is very important for their businesses and companies.

How does Mobile Tracker Free work?

In order to make Mobile Tracker Free work, you need to follow the next steps:

  • Create an account. For this, you need to enter your e-mail address and password.
  • Install and set up an app for free using the installation video.
  • Log in and start tracking another user.

What features does free mobile tracker have?

Among the most important features provided by free mobile tracker, we can emphasize:

  • reviewing the content of all the SMS / MMS;
  • getting information about the name of a person who sends or receives a message;
  • tracking the location and GPS coordinates of the tracked person;
  • monitoring incoming and outgoing messages via WhatsApp and Facebook;
  • easy installation and appliance;
  • viewing photos and videos both sent and received;
  • remote control that allows fully to control a phone, including taking photos, removing data, and so on;
  • live viewing that allows tracking all the actions happening on the phone and around it;
  • the restriction of the phone by blocking applications for a certain period of time;
  • looking through all the websites browsed by your child or employee and blocking any of them in order to provide them with high-level protection from harmful or unreliable content;
  • tracking all the events, added to the calendar of your child or employee.

Due to a wide range of the possibilities provided by free mobile tracker, you are able to be aware who your child or employee chats, what they talk about, also track places where your child or employee is at this moment, which websites and applications they use, disable access to harmful or inappropriate content to your mind.

How do I install mobile tracker free?

If you wrestle with that how to install free mobile tracker, we will provide you with a guideline on how to make the app to work in several easy steps:

  • Initially, you need to create a Mobile Tracker Free account with a valid email address. In addition, you need to get access to the device that you want to track and permission of the device’s owner.
  • Before starting to set up mobile tracker free online, you need to allow unknown sources on your device, if you haven’t enabled it previously for Android. When installing an application on the device with Android, this request will appear during the installation. You will need to allow setting up unknown apps.
  • Turn off Google Play Protect
  • Google protects its users from the applications provided by not the Google Play because Free Mobile Tracker is specified as potentially dangerous. in order to successfully install an application, you need to turn off Google Play Protect. In other cases, you will receive notifications provided by Google Play Protect.
  • It’s time to install your app. For this, you need to log in and download free mobile phone tracker.
  • After the installation of the app, you need to adjust settings. You can select which reports and notifications you will receive, including outgoing and incoming. In addition, you can choose tracking content that a user reads and looking through websites and apps used by a child or employee.
  • After adjusting settings, you need to protect mobile tracker free.
  • Here we are! It remains to log in and start using mobile free tracker.

You can use this app legally to track someone’s device if you have received permission from this person. If you want to use mobile free tracker without permission, it’s considered to be illegal.

Truth.Best Team Recommendations

This is a real catch for those who want to receive new information about the tracked person in terms of a wide range of the benefits provided by the application. The main benefit of the app is that you can download it for free. Additionally, free mobile tracker offers its users a huge number of opportunities, including:

  • tracking incoming and outgoing SMS/MMS and their content;
  • getting reports about incoming, outgoing and missed calls, also recording conversations;
  • tracking a location of the child or employee;
  • viewing photos and videos both received and sent; it allows also to recover damaged or deleted content;
  • looking through messages received and sent via messengers, including WhatsApp, Facebook, and others;
  • remote control, including recording the ambient sounds, taking photos, and so on;
  • analysis tools that allow generating PDF and Excel reports, statistics in order to simplify tracking and monitoring; this tool is very useful when you want to be aware of that how much time your employee spends on different tasks and breaks, also optimize your employee’s work process.

All these benefits should become a serious reason to install an app and try it by yourself right now.

last updated January 10th 2020