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  1. What is Sentry app?
  2. How does Sentry app work?
  3. What features does Sentry app have?
  4. How do I install Sentry app?
  5. Is it legal to use Sentry app?
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Contemporary children and teenagers are liable to the negative impact of the Internet, mobile applications, and social networks. Despite all the pros of the Internet, educational websites and applications, there is a huge risk of abusing and Internet bullying. And this is one of the most widespread problems that exist today among youth.

According to the survey:

  • 35 % of children have suffered from Internet bullying or abusing content.
  • More than half of abused children don’t notify their parents about the abuse.
  • Around 20 % of teenagers are sexting via instant messengers.

In terms of all these problems in contemporary society, it’s very important to be confident in the security of your child while you are not around them.

What is Sentry app?

Sentry app is a reliable parental control software that allows monitoring your children’s Internet activities and analyzing text messages. Sentry app uses a unique approach that provides parents to their children’s device with access without spying on them.

The combination of different techniques used by Sentry app, including smart analysis, silent tracking, and machine learning, enables comprehensive analysis of content used by your children and high-quality protection against bullying and abusing. Let’s consider its monitoring and analyzing features in details!

How does Sentry app work?

Sophisticated Algorithms used by Sentry app enables comprehensive monitoring mobile device of your child. Parents get notifications in the case of the abusing content or behaviour detected by the application. Parents don’t violate their children’s privacy by using Sentry app. In addition, this app helps parents and children to maintain healthy parent/child relationship.

Sentry app enables top grade monitoring children’s devices. It allows more than just tracking children’s devices, it provides parents with their digital footprints.

In addition, Sentry app provides customers with text analysis. It allows monitoring social networks, instant messengers, and SMSs in order to detect sexting, abusing, Internet bullying, suicide chats, conversations about drugs, other teenager problems and threats.

What features does Sentry app have?

Sentry app provides customers with a list of top grade parental control features:

  • Suspicious image alert. This feature allows notifying parents about suspicious images sent or received from the target device.
  • Call tracking. It allows receiving all the call logs of your children, including with whom and how much time they communicated.
  • App usage report. This allows getting reports about what apps were used by your child.
  • Location tracking. This feature allows GPS tracking movements and locations of your children.
  • Chat text analysis. This is really a very useful analyzing tool that allows preventing crucial situations in the life of your children, including abusing, sexting, suicide, drug abuse, suspicious communication, and other problems that can exist in the life of teenagers.
  • Image analysis. This feature allows parents to be notified by getting alerts about suspicious graphic content.

How do I install Sentry app?

In order to make Sentry app work correctly, you need to follow several easy steps:

  • Step 1. Download and install the application.
  • Step 2. Provide your children with all the necessary information about the use of app.
  • Step 3. Install Sentry app on the child’s device.
  • Step 4. Start monitoring.

Before starting to use the application for intended purposes, you need to provide the service with detailed information that contains in the privacy policy of the service.

Sentry app was designed for the legal monitoring of your underage children. In addition, you are able to monitor an underage child, if you are their legal guardian. You can share the private information of your underage child that you get on your parental control account with another worrying adult. One account can be used by two supervising parents simultaneously.

However, you need to notify your children that you are going to monitor their device. Before starting to use the Service, you need to learn carefully and agree to the Terms offered by the application.

If you are going to use the app in illegal purposes, you need to get written permission from this person. If you are going to monitor another person without their permission, this can result in breaking the laws of Israel. So, for the illegal use, you carry the responsibility on your own. If you have additional questions, you need to visit the local attorney. Disputes between the company and customers will be decided in the courts in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Truth.Best team recommendations

Truth.Best team reccomends using Sentry app as parental control software. Due to the combination of different techniques used by Sentry app, including smart analysis, machine learning, and silent tracking, users get a comprehensive analysis of visual and text content used by children.

Sentry app allows parents to protect their children from abusing, sexting and inappropriate content in the most reliable way by using three basic approaches:

Monitoring. Due to the deep and multifunctional monitoring, parents get ongoing comprehensive reports of their child’s digital footprints.

Text analysis. By using deep and sophisticated text analysis, Sentry app helps parents prevent cyber-bullying, sexting, and determine Suicide chats and the use of drugs.

Image analysis. This is the third part of the complete and comprehensive parental control of the children. Due to this analysis, parents get notifications if suspicious images are detected in the chats of their children.

Sentry app provides its customers with a wide range of parental control features, including Suspicious Image Alert, Call Tracking, App Usage Report, Chat Text Analysis, Machine Learning, Silent Tracking, Location Tracking, and so on.

Due to its vast functionality, Sentry app is recommended to use as parental control software. However, it doesn’t offer to block features that are very important for supervising underage children and teenagers. One more disadvantage of the Sentry app is that you can buy it on the website, only on Google Play. In addition, only the Android version is available for customers.

last updated January 10th 2020