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  1. What is the TeenSafe app?
  2. How does TeenSafe work?
  3. What features does TeenSafe have?
  4. TeenSafe for iPhone and Android: Main Differences
  5. How do I install TeenSafe?
  6. TeenSafe Subscription Costs for Android and iOS Devices 
  7. TeenSafe Customer Service 
  8. Is it legal to use TeenSafe?
  9. Best TeenSafe Alternatives
  10. TeenSafe Reviews on Sitejabber: What Customers Say
  11. How to Cancel and Remove TeenSafe?
  12. TeenSafe Data Breach 
  13. TeenSafe Clones 
  14. Truth.Best Team Recommendations
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Truth.Best represents the TeenSafe app review. Get to know how does the TeenSafe app work, what features it has and how to install it.

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What is the TeenSafe app?

TeenSafe is a parental control app that allows parents to keep an eye on their kid’s devices. It enables parents to monitor teen’s texts, calls, GPS location, browsing history and even more. It is available for Apple devices and doesn’t require a jailbreak, which makes it one of the most popular parental control on the market these days. They have 1-week free trial and after that TeenSafe cost is $14.99 per month.

So far, this app has been used by over 1 million parents, who empowered themselves with the knowledge that their kids are safe and sound.

This app is aimed at reducing worries by supervising kid’s smartphone activities and protecting them from unhealthy interactions. Let’s have a look in some details how the app is claimed to work.

How does TeenSafe work?

Once the app is installed and configured, it provides clear insights into the activities on your target device. The app records the information from your teens’ device and sends it to your account, where you can view it at any time. Internet connection (mobile data or Wi-Fi) is needed to provide you with precise reports.

What features does TeenSafe have?

  • Texts – Check sent, received and deleted text messages and iMessages.
  • Calls – View all incoming and outgoing calls together with duration, timestamps and contact details (number and name).
  • Phone Location – Check the current location of your teen and view their route history.
  • Web History – view your kid’s web browser history.
  • Contacts – browse through the list of saved contacts in your teen’s phone.
  • Kik – Read all sent and received messages on Kik (this feature available only for iPhones).
  • WhatsApp – Read all sent and received WhatsApp texts this feature available only for iPhones).

TeenSafe Snapchat Monitoring Feature 

TeenSafe has capabilities that enable the app to monitor social media accounts like Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Viber. The TeenSafe Snapchat monitoring feature allows the app to view all media shared on Snapchat and all chats sent and received on the app, including those deleted. Once activated, TeenSafe enables users to access this information from their smartphones, tablets, or personal computers. 

TeenSafe for iPhone and Android: Main Differences

TeenSafe is a monitoring software for smartphones explicitly designed for parents to track their children and what they’re doing on their cell phones. Some activities monitored by the spyware include phone calls, text messages, location, web browsers, and social media history.

Furthermore, parents can remotely track each of these activities in stealth mode. As such, their kids won’t even know they’re watching them. TeenSafe mobile spy app is also available for all iOS and Android mobile devices. All features and capabilities of the spyware are also accessible to both devices.

TeenSafe for Android

Like we’ve earlier stated, the TeenSafe spy app is available for all Android mobile devices, with full access to all its tracking features. Fortunately, getting the app set up on Android smartphones isn’t so complicated. The installation process is relatively straightforward, and parents can complete it in three simple steps. 

Step 1. Create a TeenSafe account and get a subscription plan.

Step 2. Download and install the TeenSafe app on the target device.

Step 3. Set up and monitor the target smartphone from your dashboard.

TeenSafe for iPhone 

Setting up TeenSafe for iPhone is also relatively quick and easy. With just the phone’s iCloud credentials, you’re good to go. Here are the three necessary steps to set up the TeenSafe iPhone application. 

Step 1. Complete the registration and subscribe to a package.

Step 2. Link target iPhone to TeenSafe Control Panel using iCloud credentials.

Step 3. Start monitoring from your dashboard.

How do I install TeenSafe?

The process of installation is time-consuming and straightforward. Since TeenSafe doesn’t require your target device to be jailbroken, you don’t need to download the TeenSafe app on your target device. You only need to know the Apple credentials of your teen’s device (ID and password). Here are two simple steps you need to complete:

Step 1. Register account

    • You need to create your TeenSafe account:

Follow https://cp.teensafe.com/users/login;
Enter your login information and payment details.

If you are a new user, you receive 1-week free trial, which can be canceled anytime.

As soon as your TeenSafe account is created, you will be redirected to the TeenSafe dashboard.

Step 2. Add your kid to your account

Add your kid’s device by entering the Apple ID and password. You can add an unlimited number of kids without additional cost. All the information can be accessed remotely whenever you want.

TeenSafe Subscription Costs for Android and iOS Devices 

TeenSafe offers several comprehensive subscription plans for both iOS and Android devices. You have the option to choose the plan that best suits your needs and budget. Also, each of these plans offers various tracking features to users. Briefly, we’ll look at the individual packages for iOS and Android devices. 

TeenSafe Cost for Android 

TeenSafe offers 3 subscription plans for Android users. These plans include the basic, premium, and family subscription package. Each of these packages also has different monthly options under them. We’ll look at the options available individually. 

Basic Subscription Package

This package only permits users to monitor 1 device.

1 month — $39.99

3 months — $59.99

12 months — $99.99

Premium Subscription Package 

This subscription plan only permits users to monitor 1 device.

1 month — $49.99

3 months — $69.99

12 months — $119.99

Family Subscription Package 

It permits users to monitor up to 3 devices.

1 month — $69.99

3 months — $99.99

12 months — $199.99

Please note that each of these plans has different features available to subscribers. The best plan for you would be the one that suits your budget and meets your tracking preferences. 

TeenSafe Cost for iPhone

TeenSafe subscription plans for iOS devices are quite similar to the Android package, with the same 1-month, 3-month, and 12-month options available. The plans also come in premium, family, and business variety, with no basic plan provided. We’ll look at the individual pricing structure for each of these packages quickly:

Premium Subscription Package

This package only permits users to monitor 1 device.

1 month — $49.99

3 months — $79.99

12 months — $129.99

Family Subscription Package 

It permits users to monitor up to 5 devices.

1 month — $99.99

3 months — $199.99

12 months — $399.99

Business Subscription Package 

This subscription plan only permits users to monitor up to 25 devices.

1 month — $399.99

3 months — $699.99

12 months — $999.99

Like the Android packages, there are different features available for each plan, and customers should pick their preferred options based on budget and tracking requirements. 

TeenSafe Customer Service 

Update! Currently Unavailable

TeenSafe also has customer service personnel on-hand to handle any issues customers might have while using the spy app. TeenSafe subscribers who have questions or problems that need resolving can contact customer support via email. There’s also a support center and FAQ section on the app’s website for issues that do not require customer service personnel. TeenSafe’s users can access the support center and FAQ section.

If you are a parent or legal guardian, you are permitted to monitor computer, smartphone or any other device your kid is responsible for until they turn 18 y.o.

Best TeenSafe Alternatives

mSpy vs. TeenSafe: Which One to Choose?

mspy app logo

For parents who’d like to find an alternative spy app, one option they could take a look at is mSpy. When compared to TeenSafe, mSpy is considerably better, with more features and favorable customer reviews. The tracking capabilities available on mSpy include phone call and text messages, location, social media and web browser history, keylogger, and geofencing. These features, alongside the fact that 87% of mSpy subscribers rate the app highly, make it a top choice for anyone considering an alternative over TeenSafe. 

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TeenSafe Reviews on Sitejabber: What Customers Say

Customer reviews on Sitejabber indicate that TeenSafe subscribers found the spy app below their expectations. Over 129 customers gave the app an average rating of 2.11 stars. They also ranked the app 51st among other mobile surveillance counterparts. Generally, what customers found the most unsatisfactory was the customer service and the app’s refund policy. 

How to Cancel and Remove TeenSafe?

TeenSafe allows customers to cancel their subscription from their account dashboard whenever they want to. If you wonder how to remove TeenSafe, you can uninstall the app from the target device through the dashboard. There’s a refund policy, as well, for customers who’d like to have their money refunded after purchase due to something they possibly found unsatisfactory. TeenSafe users who want a refund can locate the terms and conditions of the policy on the app’s website and information on how to contact customer support to lay their complaints. 

TeenSafe Data Breach 

Around the middle of 2018, TeenSafe suffered from a data breach due to leaky servers. Security researcher Robert Wiggins discovered that the spy app left two of its servers, both hosted on Amazon Cloud, unprotected. As such, anyone without a password could easily access them. There was also an additional server that held only test data. 

The two leaky servers’ information included the parent’s email addresses, the Apple ID of their child’s iOS device, their password displayed in plain text, and their device name. As of the time of discovery, there were over 10,000 such records accessible on those servers. This information puts the owners of the respective mobile devices at risk. 

The spy app eventually pulled down the servers; however, their reputation had already suffered substantially among their clientele. 

TeenSafe Clones 

Currently, TeenSafe is not available for download. Any mobile spy application claiming to be the TeenSafe spy app is merely a clone. Parents who wish to purchase the app should periodically check the official website to get updates on its availability. Alternatively, they could download other quality spy applications like mSpy

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Truth.Best Team Recommendations

TeenSafe spy app is a functional mobile surveillance software with quality capabilities. However, the app’s history with data security is one significant gray area. It is also currently unavailable for purchase. As such, we recommend the mSpy mobile spy app for parents looking for software to monitor their kids’ mobile phone activities. In terms of functionality and features, mSpy is relatively better, and the spyware has a much more reliable history with security. The customer rating is also encouraging. Therefore, it would be a reliable option to purchase.

last updated November 10th 2020

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